Short Course Video Lectures

Short Graduate and Undergraduate Lecture Courses • An Introduction to Topological Fluid Dynamics (7 lectures; 2018) A graduate course held at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, Beijing University of Technology (BJUT). • Knots and Applications: An Elementary Introduction (3 lectures, in Italian; 2017) A short undergraduate course held at the Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa) under the … Continue reading

25/09/2022 Video Lectures

Research Presentations

Review Talks (1 hr) and Seminars (30 mins) • Review talks for graduate students and researchers Presentations of new results providing a historical context and a review of the recent progress in the field. • Seminars at international meetings and conferences Short presentations of new results in special thematic sessions. Click on to visit and … Continue reading

25/09/2022 Video Lectures

New Results

Scientific results categorised by research area and listed in inverse chronological order (numbered item and date in brackets referred to the publication list page). (i) Classical vortex dynamics and fluid knots topological cascade of fluid knots in terms of geodesic flows in polynomial space (75, 2020); influence of winding number on the evolution of vortex … Continue reading

02/08/2022 Publications, Research

Recent Progress in Topological Fluid Dynamics

Slides from the Ravello School on Mathematical Physics (2017) Topological interpretation of helicity Coherent structures and topological fluid mechanics Diffeomorphisms and topological equivalence Kinetic and magnetic helicity of flux tubes Gauss linking number Călugăreanu invariant and geometric decomposition Vortex knots dynamics and momenta of a tangle Localized Induction Approximation (LIA) and Non-Linear Schroedinger (NLS) equation … Continue reading

30/07/2022 Teaching

Research Interests

My work concerns the following thematic areas: Classical vortex dynamics and fluid knots; Quantum defects in condensates and topological phases; Energy-complexity relations for magnetic fields; Topological transitions of critical energy surfaces; Hydrodynamic analogue models in black hole theory. (i) Classical vortex dynamics and fluid knots Study of dynamical properties of three-dimensional vortex fields, and of … Continue reading

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