I am a Professor of Mathematical Physics at University of Milano-Bicocca with research interests in classical field theorydynamical systems (classical and quantum vortex dynamics, magnetohydrodynamics and structural complexity).

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My work is in the field of applied mathematics and mathematical physics with focus on the role of geometric and topological properties of dynamical systems in relation with energy and structural complexity of fluid systems. My research interests regard the following thematic areas:

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Work on relationships between energy and structural complexity of dynamical systems, such as vortex tangles and networks of magnetic fields, in terms of geometric, algebraic and topological information.

Aim: to establish relations between dynamical and energy contents and morphological information by analytical means.

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Undergraduate and Graduate courses given at University of Milano-Bicocca. Doctoral and Post-Doctoral courses given occasionally in Italy and abroad.

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My work is in the field of applied mathematics and mathematical physics of topologically complex fluid systems (see Research Interests).

Current research is focused on applications of geometric and topological methods to study morphological aspects of classical and quantum vortex tangles, magnetic fields, knotted and linked defects in quantum systems of hydrodynamic type with the aim to establish relations between fundamental properties of structural complexity and dynamical and energy aspects of such systems (see Current Projects).

Scientific research and international collaborations are promoted through the active organisation of advanced schools, meetings and long-term intensive research programmes in dedicated research centres and institutes (see Advanced Schools and International Programmes). Scientific results are published in primary journals in the field (see Publications) and disseminated through web-seminar and  lectures freely accessible online.

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December 2023

Published papers: 81; in press: 3; in preparation 3

Google Scholar: h-index = 25, i10-index = 45, 2654 citations

ResearchGate: h-index = 24, 15024 reads, 2189 citations

MathSciNet: 233 citations by 173 authors

SCOPUS (65 items): h-index = 19, 1190 citations

ISI-Web of Science (67 items): h-index = 19, sum of times cited: 1441

Wikipedia: personal webpage

Youtube Channel: 72 items, 680 subscribers, more than 11000 visualisations

The Mathematics Genealogy Project: Erdős number = 3

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Renzo with his children

Renzo Ricca with his children Joël and Jolie at the Weizmann Institute of Science. In the background the Weizmann House.
Rehovot, December 2019.

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Series of lectures on “Knots and Applications”. Accademia dei Lincei e Scuola Normale, February 2017.


Research and activities

Ricca’s main research interests lie in applications of geometric and topological methods to fluid systems, such as vortex flows and magnetic fields forming knots, links and braids. Aspects of potential theory of knotted fields, structural complexity and energy of filament tangles are central to this research.

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