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International School of Mathematics
«Guido Stampacchia»

September 2-6, 2022

Workshop on

Topological Methods in Mathematical Physics

Erice, Italy

This worskhop wants to provide an international forum for discussion and presentation of some of the most recent advances in applications of geometric and topological methods in various fields of modern mathematical physics. Particular emphasis will be put on applications of technicques from knot theory and low dimensional topology to understand physical aspects of knotted fields and complex systems. Focus will be put on the study of kinetic and magnetic helicity, role of geometric and topological phases, minimal surfaces, energy-complexity relations and topological change due to reconnection mechanisms in physical and biological systems, topological cascade and energy relaxation in dynamical systems. Applications will range from vortex dynamics, magnetohydrodynamics and superfluids to geometric optics, defect dynamics, string theory and DNA topology, with the aim to present the most updated results in rapidly growing fields that are at the forefront of current research in topological field theory.

The Workshop will host keynote lectures by renowned experts in the field, and several oral contributions from young researchers. The scientific programme will include 33 presentations given in person, and 5 given virtually by remote connections from USA, Russia and China.

Main Topics
  • Multi-valued gauge theory
  • Physical knot theory and homological techniques
  • Kinetic and magnetic helicity of fluid flows
  • Geometric and topological phases
  • Seifert surfaces and minimal surfaces
  • Energy bounds by topological complexity
  • Topological changes due to reconnection
  • Topological cascade and energy relaxation

Keynote Lectures (60 minutes, including questions) and Oral Contributions (30 minutes, including questions).

Conference Venue
Erice hilltop
Erice castle
Erice paved road
Majorana Centre (Directorate): entrance 
										to the San Rocco monastery
Majorana Centre courtyard
Majorana museum
Erice hilltop

Scientific Committee
- Professor Giuseppe Buttazzo - U Pisa, School Director
- Professor Franco Giannessi - U Pisa, School Director
- Professor Renzo Ricca - U Milano-Bicocca, Committee Chair
- Professor Michel Théra - U Limoges, School Director
- Professor Antonino Zichichi - EMFCSC President

Organising Committee
- Dr. Matteo Foresti - Conference Assistant
- Professor Renzo Ricca - Conference Chair - General enquiries
- Mrs. Fiorella Ruggiu - EMFCSC Director
- Miss Emilia Selvaggi - Web Assistant
- Dott. Fabio Sturaro - Web Assistant

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Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture (EMFCSC)
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